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We understand what kibinai are special, and we know what you need:

For eyes – the shape and size are important;

For nose – pleasant and appetite evocative smell is important;

For belly – right and usual food is important;

For tongue – wonderful taste is important.

Usual and very tasty KIBINAI FILLINGS


pork, pork and cabbage, pork and cheese, beef, chicken, turkey, veal, vegetables, mushrooms, curds, curds with spinach, sausage


sweet curds, sweet curds with bananas, sweet curds with raisins, apple and cinnamon

Choose, ask, advice

1. Choose. For each person it is important to have the option. Even more important to have the alternatives of right choice. When we love food, we love and ourselves. No matter what filling you choose for kibinai – all prepared with love, all special and unique. Therefore, we believe that no matter you choose from a variety of fillings you will not regret it, because our kibinai fabulously delicious and impressive.

2. Ask. When so much of everything, it is hard to choose. Very often this happens, and nothing is terrible. It is important that there is a choice, and all choices are correct, because all kibinai are just extremely tasty. You can not choose? We will be happy to help, advise, orient. Call or e-mail. For us it is easy, we are pleased. Thank you for your interest and ask. Only You, Dear customers, help to develop and grow, not to be afraid to make mistakes and develop.

3. Consult. Lost in the sea of flavors? You are organizing a celebration, a party, seminar or other commotion? Do you want to treat yourself or other people? Perhaps you only know your budget and how many people you will have to feed tasty? Maybe you know nothing or simply do not know what you want? Consult. It does not cost anything, but we will be very glad that you trust us. We know what kibinai or kits are the most popular in the children’s festival, what people order for birthdays and seminars, what are the favorite choice of companies. We will find based on your individual needs and capabilities. Consult. We can offer you the correct advice and help.

Just interesting to know

Kibinas / the concept of kibinas

It is Karaite traditional meal, a crescent-shaped puff pastry dish with chopped lamb, onion and butter filling. Made from yeast dough with chopped mutton, beef or pork (see “The Universal Lithuanian Encyclopaedia”, t. 10, Vilnius, 2006, p. 21).

We want to agree and jointly replicate “The Universal Lithuanian Encyclopaedia” for two of the most important ingredients: meat and dough. We absolutely agree and we do not dispute in any way that a genuine authentic Karaite kibinas must have chopped meat.

Dough. We want to emphasize not only the chopping of meat for the cooking of the proper stuff, but also the butter dough, which gives the pastry a “real” taste of kibinas.


Language culture / accentuation   How to accent the word “kibinas”? The Consultation Bank of the State Commission for the Lithuanian Language ( explains:


Accented: kìbinaskìbinokìbinuikìbinąkìbinukibinè; kibinaĩkibinų̃, kibinámskìbinuskibinaĩskibinuosè.