Tea of the month

Winter begins when a cozy bustle settles in the house. When the kibinai starts smelling like pies and from one room to another you are followed by that pleasant little feeling. Feeling holiday. The aroma of hot tea, warm kibinai and shimtalapis on the table.

Each winter gives a new story. New target. A new desire or dream and an exciting mysterious feeling of anticipation – what will this winter be like? It’s getting colder. Let’s dream, have some tea.

1. „Power of the nobles“ tea


pine buds and chamomile


11 Еur / volume 9 liters

3 Eur / volume 1,5 liters. TEA OF THE MONTH


Tea of the december. Price up to New year:



2. „Friends of the cold“ tea

raspberries (8%), raspberry leaves(2%), aronia, apples, raisins, pears, hawthorn, hibiscus, rowan berries



11 Eur / volume 9 liters

3 Eur/ volume 1,5 liters


3. “Health” tea

аronia (even 33 %), apples, pears, hawthorn , hawthorn flowers, elder




11 Eur / volume liters

3 Eur/ volume 1,5 liters



Capacity is free. A deposit is taken, which will be returned.