Kibinai: Buy for 49.50 Eur, 69.50 Eur or 99.50 Eur. Everything is happening now. Those who like to buy an amazing promotion – “1 euro”.

Buying for 99.50 Eur big sakotis will cost just 1 Eur (small sakotis – 0.50 Eur).

Buying for 69.55 Eur farmer’s homemade bread and bee-keeping natural honey will cost just 1 Eur.

Buying for 49.50 Eur bee-keeping natural honey or farmer’s homemade bread without sugar will cost just 1 Eur.

* The promotion is taking place now. We kindly offer to buy. Really worth it. Contact phone: 869061010

The promotional basket includes kibinai orders from MENIU. The offer does not apply to KIBINBOX offers.




Tasty kibinai. Trakai. Kindly smells at house. Happy faces when you are ordering. E-mail,, +37069061010
где_поесть_в _в_литве.